Mr Cash Loans


Mr cash loans offers unsecured loans which means you don’t have to hand in your assets for you to get a loan and the best part is that you can apply online simply by providing your information in the form provided, after that they will contact you to finalize the application, continue reading for more information on Mr cash loans.

How does Mr Cash Loans works?

  • Provide truthful information on the online form they give you.
  • Also provide truthful contact details, I mean how are they gonna get back to you?
  • Provide all the required documents.

What are the required documents by Mr Cash loans?

Please note the following documents you have to scan them and send them electronically.

  • 3 of your latest payslips
  • Certified copy of your ID.
  • 3 of your latest bank statements

What are the contact details of mr Cash Loans

  • telephone: 086 722 7109 or    (011) 869 3001


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